Beware of dumpster overage charges

Did you rent a dumpster and at the time of paying you noticed overage charges? That is not right. You should know that your final payment should be the same as the quote you received. But many overpayment errors are your responsibility as the customer.

Learn at least 5 ways to properly manage your dumpster rental so you won’t be surprised by extra payments.

How to avoid dumpster overage charges?

  1. Rent the right size for your needs. Make sure you need the largest or smallest container. It’s not just about the amount of trash to include, but also the type of debris.
  2. Just put the debris you indicated. Don’t try to outsmart yourself by adding a little construction debris to your yard waste. There is a container for each type of debris and mixing them can affect your payment. Use your common sense to think about what extra things will make your dumpster end up overweight. If you find that you want to throw away more things than you thought, think of it as a new project and do it after you finish the one you’ve already started.
  3. Read and understand the contract. When closing the deal with a company you must understand what you asked for and what they offer you. It must be correctly indicated that you will be able to cover your needs with what you will have. Make sure you know if your supplier charges by type of waste, by volume, or by weight. Also, check ahead of time what happens if you end up using more than you’re considering.
  4. Don’t expose the container to rain. Cover the container if there is a risk of your cargo getting wet, as these will increase the weight of your debris.
  5. Donate or recycle. Anything that looks like garbage is not garbage. You can also get rid of some things by doing some charity work by giving away, donating, recycling or reusing items.
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