How to do a deep cleaning at home? 5 tips

Some special moments such as the arrival of a new season, celebrating a birthday or big and important changes, deserve to do a deep cleaning at home to organize it and prepare the space to let the good vibes enter.

Follow these 5 simple tips to carry out a deep cleaning project:

1) Clean one room at a time.

The best way to avoid chaos is to declutter one space at a time before putting everything back in its place. This will also prevent you from wanting to put everything off until later (procrastination) and help you finish faster.

Attending each room separately will help to measure more easily the time that must be dedicated to finishing the project that has been started.

Another benefit is that you will be able to see small results and feel motivated to keep going.

Now, whether to start with the messiest or the smallest will depend on your preferences. Devoting yourself to small rooms first allows you to see progress every day; while starting with the larger ones will take more time, although the reward will also be greater. You decide.

2) Lose the fear of getting rid of things.

Has it happened to you that you clean and when you finish you can’t tell the difference? To avoid this, you must be willing to throw away, sell, recycle or give away. Think that everything you no longer use can have a new owner. Or what is damaged no longer has a place in a space in your home. So it is best to prepare your mind that you will not have the same amount of useless things around.

When you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not to keep something, think about whether you use it often. You’ll be surprised in time how little you miss those useless items you worked so hard to get rid of from your closet, cabinets and drawers.

3) Stack the items you take out.

Use boxes to store what you know you will throw away, give away, or keep. As you take it out, stack each thing to make space and free up. At the same time, reorganize what will be left in cabinets, drawers, shelves, and anything else you use to keep your items organized.

4) Shake off the dust.

As you organize it is important to shake the dust that accumulates even inside the drawers. Dust each space and use a special surface cleaner when necessary. This way, not only will everything look better, but it will also smell much better.

If there is a lot of dust, the ideal is to use a vacuum cleaner instead of brushes or rags that will raise more dust and cause allergies.

And if there are places with humidity, place a dehumidifier per area, for example for closets.

5) Rent a dumpster.

Large disposal requires large space to dump. In addition, this way you will avoid the temptation to save more than necessary due to the lack of a container to fit the garbage you are taking out.

Consult with Concept Dumpsters the container rental plans and find the best option and at the best price.

Plan a deep clean at least every three to six months, depending on how much it accumulates.

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