Summer: time to put order in the home

The change of season allows you to make a clean slate, although having the house in order should be a rule at any time, it is no secret that summer invites you to dedicate a day of deep cleaning. Taking things outside is more fun when it’s sunny, so summer is the perfect time for it. It is also an occasion in which you can invite all the members of the family to be part of this great project.

Of course, it is also easy to get lost in the attempt when there is no good planning where everyone has a specific task. And don’t forget some ideas to make it nice.

These tips will help you put order in the home in summer:

1) Have a clear objective: Starting to clean for cleaning is not the same as making a list of tasks that will allow you to achieve something in particular. For example:

  • get rid of clothes,
  • throw away things that are useless
  • clean the garage,
  • clean the garden.

All of those plans lead to different tasks so be clear about what you want to accomplish to make it happen.

2) Make a list of cleaning utensils: From buckets to shovels, brushes and bags. Here is also included the garbage container that will make cleaning easier. Concept Dumpster has for that project the team that fits your needs.

3) Distribute the assignments: Everyone can participate, but to make it more effective it is better to make it clear what each one will do. That way there will be no excuses when someone wants to leave the job half done.

4) Plan an ecological cleaning: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, are three words that will give you to do your bit to take care of the environment.

And once everything is ready, get to work! Welcome the order to the home in summer!

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