Why plan a spring cleaning?

Renovating and do a spring cleaning has some benefits that the family will appreciate and where everyone can participate.

It is the arrival of a season full of sun, color and lighting. But many times it’s impossible to see so much beauty among the accumulation of furniture in poor condition, clothes that are not used, toys that can be donated, to name a few.

These are at least three reasons to decide on a cleanse to welcome the next season: spring.

1) Changes help renew energies.

Nothing more gratifying than getting home and feeling the air flow in the room. A spring cleaning will set the stage for the scents that flowers will bring into your home.

2) A deep cleaning invites the family to gather around a single objective.

From the smallest to the largest can participate. They can turn that cleanup into a great family reunion, fun and with great results.

3) Avoid excessive accumulation of unnecessary items.

Remember that it can be reused. Putting items to new uses, as well as donating and gifting help you get rid of what you’ve inadvertently accumulated.

How to plan a spring cleaning?

  • Have a plan. Decide what you can do and what you need to do it.
  • Do some damage control. Winter has just ended and there may be problems in the home such as the roof that could require urgent attention.
  • Don’t forget the garden. One of the areas where you’ll want to spend the most time in the spring is your garden, so it pays to plant seeds, clear weeds and color spaces.
  • Contact a dumpster for your waste. The best way to do a large-scale cleanup is to have a container ready to take whatever you decide to take out.
  • Get to work. Pick a day or two for the family to complete the cleanup project. Separate to make the job easier.
  • Enjoy a renovated home. Once finished, it is a good idea to organize a meal so that everyone feels the way they contributed to a totally clean and heaviness-free home.
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