5 Steps for a proper waste management in construction

Construction is one of the activities that can generate the most waste and thus it’s necessary to have a waste management plan.

No matter what the scale of your build. Whether it’s from home or business, surely you have to prepare for a good amount of trash around you.

¿How to create a waste management in construction?

This is a guide that will allow you to start your project and more reliably estimate the impact on waste generation.

1. Plan and have clear goals.

Many jurisdictions require waste estimates prior to approving building permits. So you need to estimate in advance the tonnage of the materials, how much you will recycle, reuse or send to a landfill.

2. Think about what materials you can reuse.

When demolishing structures before building, reduce the ecological impact by reusing some materials that should not be rubble. This will also save you costs on your new construction.

3. Identify recyclable materials.

You can minimize waste with a crucial step in proper waste management. And it is to identify the recyclable materialsthat your construction project has. Research available construction waste recycling methods.

4. Locate recycling and waste containers on site.It’s time to hire a dumpster rental company. Assign a person to be responsible for waste management on site and to negotiate with the supplier the needs of your project.

5. Follow up on the waste disposal plan.

The project will not be finished if it does not verify the proper disposal of construction debris to know if its waste management management met the objectives that were raised.

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