How to keep your garden clean?

Large landscaping projects create large amounts of trash, so keeping your garden clean helps minimize the size of the problem.With spring just around the corner, February is the ideal time to prepare your garden, which will soon increase in volume due to the weather. It’s also a good time to adapt it and plant it outdoors in March.

3 Garden cleaning tips

Here are some go-to garden cleaning tips to kickstart your spring cleaning project well in advance.

1. Remove weeds.

Weeds grow quickly in gardens, and while some people choose to use chemicals to kill them, the practice harms the quality of the soil. actually the best way to kill weeds is to pick them by hand or with a lawnmower.

2. Prune and throw away dry leaves.

You should prune in the late winter season rather than waiting for spring to arrive. at least once a month a complete pruning of the garden plants should be done once a month. Use scissors to remove all dry leaves and allow new growth to pass through.

3. Dispose of garbage properly.

If you don’t have a large dumpster, it’s best to rent one to dispose of all your trash at once and not keep it in a corner taking up space and damaging the view of your renovated garden.

To keep a garden clean isn’t an easy task but it can be quite an absorbing one. Cultivating a garden ensures that the plants are healthy and don’t spread disease. Finally, a garden is a space that is worth maintaining to take advantage of it as a place of relaxation and contact with nature.

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